Silver Story – Art and Vandals

Social networking is a wonderful thing. At the click of a button you can discover some great new music (and sometimes some terrible attempts at music, but let’s not go there).

Around six years ago, I spent all of my spare time trawling through MySpace looking for new bands, and there were so many that I loved. After MySpace died its violent death, and I had left college, I found it more difficult to find ways of finding new bands in the way that MySpace provided.

However, Social Networking is bigger than ever, and plenty of websites are offering bands the chance to showcase their music. Now with the power of Twitter, I have found Silver Story, who in turn gave me a link to where I can listen to their new EP. In full, with no adverts. If I want to pay £3 to download it, I can do. And I will be. Because this EP is everything I look for in my music – guitar driven, well produced (as someone who studied music production, this is incredibly important to me), with tight hooks, and great writing.

If I were you, I would download this EP right now: It costs less than a pint at Wetherspoons, and you won’t regret it the next day.


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